Are There Jobs In Malta For Foreigners?

In recent years the Maltese economy has grown strongly. The business sectors that have been mostly responsible for this growth have been igaming, financial services and tourism. Their growth has lead to a surging market for both residential and commercial real estate. When a small economy grows like this it attracts attention, bringing more people to the country and potentially more business.

This growth has caused the jobs market to heat up dramatically. There is a very clear skills shortage which is evidenced by the number of open job opportunities in Malta. The small size of the Maltese population means that there are many jobs in Malta for foreigners as there simply are not enough local people of working age to fill the vacancies.

It is also worth noting that there are many jobs in Malta for English speakers, but as the economy internationalises further there are positions available for native speakers of many languages. Understandably most local Maltese staff did not grow up learning Japanese, Finnish or Swedish, which means that there are jobs in Malta for foreigners constantly available.

Most available vacancies in Malta are for full-time staff, but there are some part-time roles available. This does make it possible for some couples to move and work in Malta, but it is obviously more complicated to locate the right opportunities if one partner needs full-time and the other needs part-time work.

As ever more companies relocate to Malta from around Europe and beyond, it makes it more and more possible to build a career. Only a few years ago, most businesses in Malta were small, local companies. It is obviously not easy to grow a career in an environment of small companies. However, as the igaming and financial services sectors have started to really grow, there are many more companies with multiple hundreds of staff. They require middle and upper management which means that all staff now have the chance to grow a career within larger companies without leaving the island.

Also of interest is the growing range of employees that are now required. Sectors like financial services and igaming require technical staff such as developers, systems admin and database experts, skilled marketers, accountants, auditors and many more. The new innovative sectors that the Maltese government is trying to encourage and bring to the islands are blockchain and cryptocurrency and CBD. While these are very new to the country, it is possible that they will each require hundreds or thousands of skilled staff that currently do not exist in Malta and Gozo.

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