Welcome to AllMalta.com!

This website is built and operated by a team of three people that live and work in Malta and more specifically, we work in the igaming sector in Malta.

We have each been involved in the igaming sector for several years. Two of us work in marketing, while the third is a developer. One evening while chatting over a bottle of wine, we counted that between us we have been placed into jobs in Malta by seven different igaming recruitment agencies. As we discussed it, we realised that we hach had very different experiences.

What we realised is that for people that are outside of igaming, or quite new to the sector, it can be very difficult to work with a recruitment consultancy to find a great job tht will be challenging and enjoyable now and also help to enhance your career for the long-term. Some of the firms are very disorganised. Some only work with less experienced people, but don’t tell you that. Some have their own high staff turnover to deal with, so there is rarely any continuity for applicants.

We realised that between us we have only worked with one firm that we liked and would be happy to recommend to other people without question.

In addition this, we also realised that companies and consultancies publish job descriptions when they are looking for staff. That is great, but if you are looking for a type of job, how can you tell if it will be a good fit for you in advance?

To try and fix this, we decided write about job roles and positions from our insider knowledge from within igaming operator and affiliate businesses. We know what we do and what most others inside our companies do. By explaining this, we hope that you can get a better idea in advance if a type of role appeals to you.

If a type of job does appeal to you, or you are looking for a new challenge within the sector, you can fill in a form on the site and we will put you in direct contact with the company that we believe – through our own experience – is the best recruitment consultancy in the igaming sector.

There is one final advantage to you sending your cv in through our website. We generate quite a lot of applicants each month, we have regular scheduled calls with the recruiters and so they call and follow up with all of our applicants because they know the conversation is coming.

If you want to improve your career situation in the igaming sector, we look forward to receiving your application.

Best wishes,

The AllMalta.com Team