What Are The Best Languages To Speak For Jobs In iGaming?

Do you wonder whether there are good jobs to help you build your career in igaming in Malta? How can you tell whether or not your language skills are an asset? Let us help you with the insider knowledge on the best languages to help you get a job in igaming in Malta.

Are There Danish Speaking Jobs In iGaming?

The igaming sector in Denmark has been regulated for some years. iGaming companies can operate in Denmark with their normal services, in the Danish language and using a .dk domain name. This means that there are many multinational companies that have a Danish license and operate their marketing efforts alongside their other markets from a Maltese base.

While good web developers will always find opportunities, their ability to speak Danish is not very important. However, some roles are vital for companies with a Danish license. Those Danish speaking jobs include customer service agents, CRM staff and other marketing positions such as country managers, social media management, SEO and PPC.

There are obviously Danish speakers working in igaming already and that means that there is a certain amount of staff turnover. While Danes are not the most in-demand of nationalities in igaming, there is – and will continue to be – an ongoing requirement to fill Danish speaking jobs in igaming in Malta.

Are There Dutch Speaking Jobs In iGaming?

Since 2016 or so the igaming sector in the Netherlands has been in a state of transition. The government has been quite clear that they plan to regulate the market and put in place quite strict rules and requirements to oversee the sector, but those new rules have been slow to come.

While waiting for those rules, there is a transition period where companies are allowed to market in the Netherlands in English, but make no mention of anything Dutch on their website. In addition to this unusual situation, most established igaming firms have already had the chance to see that Dutch players are valuable to a business.

It is expected that the new rules will require all companies to market in the Dutch language and using .nl websites. Therefore, there are many firms that are getting ready for this new world and the profits that they hope to earn. This means that there are many companies that have Dutch speaking jobs in igaming in Malta in anticipation of the changes. The bigger businesses are the ones most able to recruit people in advance of a unknown future.

If you want to work in customer service, or are a content writer, SEO, PPC, CRM or social media manager, there is a high probability that you have the kinds of skills that will be in demand in igaming in the coming years. If you would like to work in Malta and build a career in igaming, please get in contact with us.

Are There Finnish Speaking Jobs in iGaming?

There are many companies in the igaming sector – both operators and affiliates – that are active in Finland.

We won’t hide it, the authors of this website are not experts in Finnish igaming law, but from conversations we have had, it is clear that most aspects of the betting and igaming sector are outside of the law in Finland.
Despite this, the high average player values and profits that can be earned make Finland an attractive market for many companies. However, Finnish is a complicated and unusual language which few people and even fewer non-Finns speak.

This means that there is an ongoing requirement for Finns with good English in the igaming sector. As with many other types of job, the roles that most require Finnish language skills are in either customer service or marketing. Most types of marketing are impossible in Finland, which means that CRM and SEO jobs are vitally important.

It is quite common to meet Finns in Malta who have no background in igaming, SEO, CRM or marketing that have found themselves work in a fun and fast growing company. If you are Finnish, speak good English and wish to explore opportunities to change your life, improve your career and move to Malta, please get in contact with us.

Should You Be Interested In French Speaking Jobs In iGaming?

There are a small number of French speaking jobs in igaming, but they typically have some unusual elements attached to them.

Firstly, most igaming services are illegal in France. This means that most major companies do not do business in France. They geo block their websites and take other active measures to do their best to reject French customers. These large companies do not with to risk either legal or reputational risks to operating in France.

However, there are smaller and newer operators that serve French players. The law puts off enough igaming companies that the market is easier to enter for these smaller companies. They are willing to take those risks. These companies are often operating on a Curacao Gaming License. 
This means that there are French speaking jobs in igaming in Malta, but not many, and usually for smaller, younger, less stable and probably illegal businesses. Some people want to work in such an environment, but many do not.

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Are There German Speaking Jobs In iGaming?

Germany is a market that is growing in importance every year for the igaming sector. It used to be that German speaking staff were no more desirable than any other language, but as the market has grown in importance for there are many German speaking jobs in igaming.

In fact, in 2018 and 2019 there was something similar to desperation from igaming recruiters to find and place German speakers.

In situations like these, it is generally the marketing positions that require the most language skills. This means that country managers, social media staff, content writers, CRM and SEO staff are the most in demand in Malta. Many of these types of roles would normally be filled internally by customer service staff, but even German customer service staff can be difficult to locate. As this is being written in late 2019, it is very difficult for most firms to even find applicants for those types of roles.
This means that if you are a fluent German speaker and also speak good English, please get in contact with us. If you have computer, office or marketing skills, there is a high chance that you can be placed in a role in the igaming sector in Malta and a new career start is waiting for you.

Why Are There So Few Italian Speaking Jobs In iGaming?

Malta’s close geographic proximity to Italy means that there are a lot of Italian’s in Malta each year. There are also a lot of Italian’s that apply for jobs at igaming companies. Thousands every year.

This is a problem if you are an Italian and want to work in igaming – there is huge competition. Italian has not traditionally been a language that the igaming companies require, which means that to get a job in igaming as an Italian, the candidate will need to speak excellent English and also have great educational qualifications and some very useful skill to the company. As a general rule, only the best Italian candidates are hired.

However, regulations in the Italian igaming sector are changing and many more licenses are being issued, which means that from 2020 onwards there will be customer service, country manager and marketing jobs for Italian speakers. It might take a few years for this situation to change, but for now it is very difficult for Italian speakers to get jobs in the igaming sector in Malta.

Are There Any Japanese Speaking Jobs In iGaming?

The Japanese market has become a very important and profitable part of the igaming sector since around 2015. It’s importance grows every year.

There are relatively few Japanese speakers in igaming in Malta, but they are very busy! The main Japanese speaking jobs in igaming are for content writers, customer support agents and CRM executives and managers. In other words, the jobs are all about marketing. 

iGaming companies usually require that their staff speak excellent English to be able to operate in the company, but those standards are generally more flexible for Japanese speakers because it is difficult to find applicants that are fluent in both languages for business. Given this situation, the companies tend to accept much lower levels of English language ability and bring in tutors to help their staff learn.

If you are a Japanese speaker and want to work in igaming, please contact us and let us help. It is very likely that there is a job for you in igaming. If you happen to have business or marketing experience as well, then there is definitely a job for you in the igaming sector in Malta.

What is the situation for Norwegian speaking jobs in igaming?

Between 2010 and 2017 Norwegians have been high demand in the igaming sector in Malta. The Norwegian market has some of the highest player values in Europe and has been an unregulated market, meaning that the companies can operate from one centralised license, such as the MGA in Malta.

While they are in demand for a wide range of positions, it is mainly in marketing roles – such as SEO and CRM – that they are most required. This demand for Norwegians and the relative difficulty of hiring them has meant that their wages have been above average for their job type.

Since 2017 the Norwegian government has been working to make life harder for the igaming companies marketing into Norway. This has lead to the market cooling and demand for Norwegian speaking staff easing. We are sure that there will be Norwegian speaking jobs in igaming in Malta for many years to come and will continue to earn premium salaries, but whether or not overall demand rises or falls will depend in large part on the actions of their government.

What Russian speaking jobs in Malta are there?

Russian speaking jobs in Malta generally fall into two categories. To the best of our knowledge, there are not that many Russian speaking roles at any time. While there are positions, they are not normally filled by Russians. This is because of two factors. Firstly, the visa and work permit situation for Russians is quite complex and there are very real responsibilities for employers. Secondly, the spread of the former Soviet empire means that there are many millions of people that hold EU citizenship and are fluent in Russian.

For those that want a role because of their Russian language skills, we have only heard of two types of job with consistent opportunities. The first is for web development and technical staff. Russians have a reputation for being excellent programmers. The second is in corporate and financial services. Between 2014 and 2018 there were many wealthy Russians that pursued either the IIP program to obtain citizenship, or the residence program to reduce their tax burden. These people required qualified Russian speakers to help them navigate the Maltese system. Our understanding is that there are fewer Russians in need of this assistance now and so there are fewer jobs for people to offer it. 

Are There Swedish Speaking Jobs in iGaming?

Yes! The early days of the igaming sector were dominated by Swedes. We don’t know why, but they were. As a result, many of the biggest companies – and now many smaller start-ups – have been founded by Swedes or have some sort of link to Sweden. Companies like Betsson and Global Gaming are even listed on the Swedish stock market. The Swedish igaming market is very competitive in part because of this – they started with what they knew and launched into the Scandinavian markets.

For these reasons being able to speak Swedish is considered to be an asset at many igaming companies in Malta and beyond. It seems difficult to imagine that there will be a time without Swedish speaking jobs in igaming.
However, the Swedish government has introduced a legislation and a regulatory framework that makes the Swedish market much harder to do business in. Many firms already have an office in Sweden and there is an expectation that sooner or later igaming businesses will relocate more staff and more jobs to Sweden. There will still be many Swede’s in Malta in the igaming sector for years to come, but it seems less likely that there will be the same high level requirement for Swedish speakers that there has been in previous years.