Can You Work In Malta?

In recent years there has been a very real skills shortage in Malta, which has made it difficult to hire specific types of staff – such as accountants – but relatively easy for people to find new jobs, if they are established in Malta and have the right sorts of skills. In this article we look at who is best positioned to work in Malta.

What Types Of Jobs Are Available In Malta?

There are certainly jobs at a wide range of levels in Malta.

For example, the tourism and hospitality sectors require seasonal staff through summer to work in bars and restaurants. The hotels are generally full or close to it all year round, which means that there are many people that work in hotels across the country.

There are also many people that work in the construction sector in Malta. The real estate boom that has been ongoing for years has provided ample opportunities to anyone that has construction skills or is low cost labour.

The rise of foreign workers in the igaming sector that mostly live and work in the same few areas has also lead to a boom in taxi companies and therefore, taxi drivers. Most of these igaming staff live and work in Msida, Sliema, St Julians and Swieqi which are all quite close together and have limited parking available. It becomes quite appealing to live without a car, but there are some journeys that require four wheels and to fill that gap, taxi companies are flourishing. Your author has met taxi drivers from many different nationalities that have come to work in Malta.

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Which Sector Has The Best Job Opportunities In Malta?

Obviously what the best job opportunities are is a very individual thing. We all have different skills, after all. However, to those that live in Malta it is generally accepted that the igaming sector is the best to work in. There are several reasons for this opinion and the main one is that igaming has a reputation for being a high paying sector, by local Maltese standards.
The reality is that there are good jobs available in igaming in Malta, but most of them require very specific skillsets and languages. Most of these business are essentially technology businesses, so for people with few or no qualifications, nor good technical skills, jobs will be very hard to get.

For people that are just starting their working lives, igaming has a range of options, such as customer service agents and payments and anti-fraud staff, but there is a very real limit to how high a person without relevant skills or languages can climb on the igaming career ladder, without launching their own firm.

However, for people that speak one of the right languages and have technical or marketing skills and also have industry experience, then the igaming sector is a great place to work. Quite simply there are not enough people to fill these positions in Malta, which means that there is a competitive market of employers looking for skilled staff. This has the effect of pushing up wages for those most sought after staff on a regular basis. Since many companies are driven by entrepreneurs, annual pay rises can be hard to get, so many people opt to move on to a new employer for a salary increase.

Despite all this, there are also excellent opportunities in financial services and consulting in Malta. However, many of these positions are held by Maltese and will be difficult for non-Maltese to access.