We Have Moved!

Thank you for visiting allmalta.com. You have arrived from a link on a website and landed on a page that no longer exists.

allmalta.com is now a website designed to help people find jobs in Malta – mainly in the igaming sector – but within other economic sectors as well. We have relationships with several leading recruitment agents in Malta, to help visitors find a great role that suits them, rather than simply applying for jobs as they become available and are advertised publicly.

We do help people that already live and work in Malta, but we help more people from outside to move to Malta to find a great job and improve both
their career and lifestyle.

Who Can We Help To Find A Job?
If you have skills and experience in digital businesses, such as online publishers, ecommerce or gaming businesses and you speak English fluently plus a second European language – such as Dutch, German or Norwegian for example – the chances are that you will be employable within the igaming sector.

We recommend that you visit our homepage and take a look around at the types of roles of that igaming businesses, plus other sectors, recruit for. If you believe that your skills, experience and languages are a match, please follow the links, send us your cv and we will do our best to help you boost your career by moving to Malta.